Taking Care Of Your Pretty Nails

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Close-Up long fingernail of women on background blurred, Concept of health care of the fingernail.

Even with a certain redispersible polymer powder Malaysia, if your nail are neglected, they will remain unsightly and unhealthy, and no beauty product will save them. No, if you really want to beautify your nails, they themselves must be healthy. That is it.

Unhealthy nails are visible through certain signs such as white spots from biting or painting them too often, peeled or split nails from dryness or vitamin deficiency, or horizontal grooves from stress, high fevers or jamming your finger.

Here are some tidbits you can take home with you when it comes to taking care of your nails. Even without cosmetics, they are still as pretty as they naturally are. It all falls onto your responsibility to keep them healthy.

Clean hands

After thoroughly washing your hands from finger to wrist, your nails would be the last part of your hands to clean. Your nails must be thoroughly grime free, especially if you are wearing cosmetics like polish. All traces of polish must be removed with an acetone-free remover, which won’t dry out your nails.

When applying soap, do so with a toothbrush and scrub your nails and surrounding skin gently to remove any dirt and exfoliate dry skin without the reliance of harsh, drying chemicals.

Regular clipping

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Your nails must be clipped often, as short nails spare you from snagging or breaking them. Plus you wouldn’t want to accidentally scratch someone’s cheek with your discount, still-not-quite-as-sharp claws now, would you? Trim your nails every two weeks, adjusting your frequency based on your nails’ responses.

You might feel down if you still prefer to have long nails for the sake of elegancy, yet you still have to keep them short, at least until you allow them to grow stronger. A shorter style with rounded edges is easily manageable, and so long as they are all uniform in shape and length, you won’t perceive longer nails as better anymore.

Don’t disturb your cuticles

The cuticles around the edges of your nails serve as a seal to protect them from harmful infections, so it is important that you do not remove or cut them at all, otherwise you are asking for trouble upon breaking that seal. In short, you are leaving the door open for bacteria and other germs to break in and infect your nails.

If you want to suppress your cuticles, do that once per week after a shower using a wooden orange stick. Then massage your cuticles and nails with a cuticle oil or treatment. The strengtheners will be absorbed quickly and contain moisturizers to hydrate dry skin.

Don’t use gels or acrylic treatments often

Acrylic or gel manicures are usually a no-no as they are very hard on the nails. If you still insist on wearing either, then minimize the damage by protecting them from UV nails. Gel manicures can damage your skin below and around the nails as they are exposed to UV sunlight rays, thus increasing the risk of cancer.

Either wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50 before applying gel or acrylic manicures or wear special gloves that only exposes your nails and cover the rest of your hands to shield them from UV rays.