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Call Whoever, Whenever Without A Number With KALL!

Check out KALL the latest voice call service for Kolony! No phone number is required, you only
need a nickname to talk to your peeps! How cool is that?

To make KALL:

Just type KALL <nickname> and
send to 25333 to talk to your FRENZ.
To receive your call, your FRENZ
will need to send Y to 25333.
To reject your call, your FRENZ
can just send N to 25333.

To buy KALL minutes:

You can choose the pay-per-use option or purchase KALL Minutes to talk.

Just send KBUY KALL to 25333 to see the list of KALL Minutes,
then send KBUY KALL <amount> to 25333 to purchase.