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pakej TM Unifi

This kit will prove to be very useful if you live in a house or a large apartment, duplex or not. Time Fibreo offers a whole range of Powerline and other products for all budgets. We can only advise you to discover them directly on the manufacturer’s website, then for the purchase, it’s up to you to find the best reseller!

pakej TM Unifi
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Today, having a good Internet connection appears to be a prerequisite for anyone wishing to work. However, with regard to commercial buildings, it seems that progress still needs to be made. In order to make owners and users aware of the issue of connectivity, WiredScore has launched Wired Certification. For all the options you will need a good Time Fibre internet connection. Choosing TM Unifi package or pakej TM Unifi is important here.

Why is the topic of connectivity important for businesses?

Today we live in a context of digital transformation where the Internet has become the keystone of work and communication in companies. In fact, connection problems have a significant impact on the productivity of employees and therefore on the performance of companies. The Internet is now part of the daily life of many employees for whom a good quality connection goes hand in hand with efficiency. 

And connectivity is the backbone which, in addition to ensuring the proper functioning of the companies that occupy it, allows the deployment of services based on digital network technologies. This is particularly the case of smart buildings which emphasize the intelligent dimension of buildings. The equipment can communicate with each other and with the outside in order to provide users with quality services and to optimize the maintenance of these buildings. The real estate sector is therefore now forced to rethink itself to face the challenges of technological innovations. 

So is this on the way to becoming a real criterion for choosing its offices?

Yes, connectivity has become the third criterion of choice, just behind price and location. For example, Nicolas Brusson, CEO of Blablacar told us a few months ago that connectivity was the oxygen of his company. For Tech companies, it has even become an absolutely essential working tool. And we asked this question to company managers as part of a study carried out in partnership.

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