Pros and Cons of Restaurant Mobile Payment System Malaysia

Most places nowadays offer restaurant mobile payment system malaysia that allows customers to pay for their meals without using cash or card. This type of technology has started to boom in recent years with e-Wallet apps such as Boost, Touch n Go, and BigPay. The reason why it becomes popular is because of how quick and convenient it is to use compared to other types of payment. However, everything has its own flaws, including this mobile payment system. So, this article will tell you what are the pros and cons of this technology.

What are the pros of the restaurant mobile payment system?

restauraunt mobile payment system malaysia

First and foremost, the best part of using this technology to pay for your meals is that it is fast and easy. Unlike paying by cash or card payments, you don’t have to take out your wallet, count the money or choose which card you want to use to pay your bills. Also, you don’t have to experience that embarrassing moment when the customer behind you has to wait while you put your change in your wallet. When using restaurant mobile payment system malaysia, you only have to open your e-Wallet app, type the amount you need to pay, scan the QR code of the store and that’s it. It’ll take less than a minute to pay your bill and that is why technology is fast and easy.

Second of all, despite how easy the payment process is, it is relatively secure. Just like card payment, you have to pass a security system first before you can make any payment using this technology. Depending on your phone, you have to enter your passcode or any biometric password like your thumbprint or face ID when you’re using a mobile payment system to pay your bills. So, don’t worry if you’ll lose your money if someone takes a hold of your phone, they won’t be able to take your money easily. 

Lastly, most mobile payment systems offer reward programs to their users. When you use it frequently, you can collect points that you can either redeem for discount vouchers the next time you use it again. So, you get to save more as you spend more. 

What are the cons of the restaurant mobile payment system?

restauraunt mobile payment system malaysia

Well, as mentioned before nothing in this world is perfect and the restaurant mobile payment system malaysia also can’t run from having disadvantages.

First of all, it is not convenient for the older generation. Eventhough we are living in a high-technology world, elderlies still struggle to keep up with the technology and they still prefer the traditional types of payment (cash or card). And if the restaurant does not offer the alternatives, it will take a long time for the elderly customers to pay for their meals and this may cause annoyance and embarrassment for both the restaurant staff and the customers.

Second of all, it does not support all mobile phones. Believe it or not, there are still people who refuse to use smartphones to this day. Again, if the restaurant does not offer other types of payment at their place, they might gradually lose more and more customers every day. 


restauraunt mobile payment system malaysia

All in all, despite the restaurant mobile payment system, which has become a norm to pay for your bills, it is still wise to have the conventional types of payment available at your place. This way, you can get customers from all demographics and boost your sales more.

Challenges faced by Construction Material Distributor Malaysia

Construction material distributor Malaysia

Construction material distributors are the unsung heroes of the construction industry. Neither structure, scaffold, nor motorway will be built unless the right materials appear in the right place at the right time.  Construction material distributors, as one of the most important members of any construction project, must provide the right assets in the right quantity and at the right time for the job to run smoothly. However, construction projects rarely go as smoothly as planned. Issues come up frequently, making it even more challenging for construction material distributor Malaysia to fulfil changing demands for construction projects and meet constantly changing challenges.

1)  Shortage of workers and difficulties in retaining them

Overall, the construction industry as well as construction material distribution sector is known for its labour shortages and labourer retention issues. Despite the increased demand in construction ventures, the construction material distributor is confronted with a shortage of new workers ready and willing to begin a career in construction. Worker turnover is common in the sector. When you think you’ve prepared enough best people, they unexpectantly choose to search for better opportunities at some other company or pursue an alternative activity in a completely different industry.

These work issues are particularly difficult for construction material distributors because of materials business is not something that can be educated quickly. Representatives in this field must have a thorough understanding of the organization’s client base, and the inner cycles of the organisation, in addition to how they adjust to the demands of the customers, and even how the diverse business sectors move. It’s indeed one thing to hire people who are eager to gain a better understanding of the business, but it is quite another to keep them and keep them grounded.

2)  Laborer Protection

Laborer security is extremely important to construction material suppliers in two ways. To begin with, because they supply materials and hardware to the construction site, they are exposed to some of the hazards that exist there. Second, because they are the ones supplying the materials and hardware, they must provide the directions and risks associated with the assets they are bringing into the project.

The most obvious explanation is self-evident. Security should always be a top priority on any construction site, and material suppliers must ensure that their employees are always wearing proper protective equipment (PPE) if required. They should inform and assist the customer regarding the specific health systems that they should adhere to once they arrive.

Laborers bringing in lumber, for example, may arrive at a job site with no idea where to go or where to drop off their materials. Without proper coordination with the construction site supervisor, they may end up stumbling on electric lines, posing a safety risk to themselves as well as other workers on the job site.

3)  Technology and new innovations

Being a construction material distributor entails adapting to changes in various areas of the business. This implies they should stay up to date on the latest developments in stock following, conveyance following, contract lifecycle management, income management, and so on.

They must discover and comprehend which innovations to incorporate into their framework. Not all innovative advances may be applicable to their activities, and not all applications provide comparable functionality. Suppliers must therefore understand which parts of their cycle can be improved further by utilising better technology. It is not only difficult to find the best technology to adapt, but it is also difficult to put it into practise.

Those are among the common challenges that are faced by the construction material distributor. If you need any construction materials for the construction project, you may contact this construction material distributor Malaysia.

Top 4 kiosks that people will get familiar with in 2023

customer management kiosk Malaysia

Here are some types of kiosks that will get popularised in 2023 due to their practical uses. Getting to know this information would get you ahead of most customers as you know where to find help, and what to do in case you are in a hurry and find something that looks like a kiosk. Moreover, when you are approaching a new kind of kiosk like a customer management kiosk Malaysia people usually see it on the street, in restaurants, and in other services. 

Self-service kiosks

These kiosks will allow people the power of automation and painlessly meet their demands as it provides users with the ability to interact with a business without cumbersome conversation, explaining their cases, and waiting for employees. Self-service kiosks have a wide range of applications spanning various industries: services, food & beverage, finance, healthcare… People could encounter them at train stations, restaurants, grocery stores, malls, or any places that offer quick payment methods. Self-service kiosks put focus on speeding up the selection and payment process which increases customer experience and return rate. 

All customers have to do is approach a self-service kiosk, interact with the displayed touch screen, select the preferred option, choose payment methods, and complete the payment.

Temperature kiosks

This kind of kiosk emerged from the pandemic strike as one of the measurements to maintain, test, and manage the spread of the disease. After the social distancing and work-from-home regulations have been relaxed, temperature kiosks come in handy in solving people’s concerns about Covid-19. 

Temperature kiosks work by having an infrared camera to scan people and measure their temperature. The body temperature will then be displayed on the kiosk displaying screen, in case a high body temperature is recorded, the kiosk will alert people about it with sounds and displayed words. Some temperature kiosks are even linked to the automated door system which will block or allow people to enter based on their temperature. 

Information kiosks

Information kiosks are designed to provide information to users with information displayed clearly and concisely. Helps people to painlessly digest the information, meaning that when producers insert the inception information, they should put it as detail and dissect it into small chunks to facilitate a satisfying customer experience. There are two types of information kiosks: interactive and non-interactive. interactive kiosks will allow people to interact with the displayed touch screen and enable them to proceed with further information research. Whereas a non-interactive kiosk will only display the information that has been set up by the providers. Places like tourist attraction spots could apply interactive kiosks to optimise customer engagement. 

Internet kiosks

As the name suggests, internet kiosks are tailored to provide people access to the internet which people could encounter at public waiting areas, hotels… For fee payments, people could browse the web for a set of use periods at one of these terminals. However, since these kiosks are connected to the internet system of the building, there are potential chances of cyber attacks. Therefore, most businesses providing internet kiosks also install a set of antispyware to alert them for any security breach on the system. 

Radious working space: How to keep yourself safe?

laboratory equipment Malaysia

Laboratories are one of the hubs for human development and innovation so far. This means that they would have to work with unknown and even dangerous items and substances frequently. Including radioactive materials, which are one of the deadliest materials on earth. Not only in Malaysia, but the whole world also has some shared safety protocols that require a certain amount of laboratory equipment Malaysia providers have to meet. 

Before working with radioactive materials

laboratory equipment Malaysia
  • Planning and keeping precautions are always the best way to ensure the safety focuses are met. Dry run with your team on a replicate material first and note down difficulties that arise during the process. This will minimise the potential risks and reduce operating time in real actions.
  • Rearrange the workspace to facilitate a more convenient environment by eliminating unnecessary equipment and making more moving space with safely required tools. 
  • Specifically label radioactive experiment-related equipment, containers, and areas that support the process with radioactive labelling tape. Dedicate equipment like pipettes and glassware to radioactivity work to help avoid cross-contamination.
  • Apply absorbent materials and trays to confine spills and reduce potential contamination.
  • Setting up traps to collect radioactive particles is essential, such as vacuum line traps. 
  • Carefully plan the experiment process so that your team will not create any mixed waste like hazardous chemicals or biologically active material combined with radioactivity. 
  • Make sure to have a calibrated operational survey metre with a pancake probe, or a scintillation probe (for tasks with low-energy gamma or x-ray emitters).

Working with radioactive materials

laboratory equipment Malaysia
  • Minimising the exposure time with the radioactive material, the shorter the better. 
  • Keep as much distance between yourself and the radioactive material as possible.
  • Wear personal protective gear, you have to at least have a laboratory coat, gloves, safety glasses, and close-toed shoes. The experimenters should also wear whole-body dosimeters when dealing with radioactive materials, and extremity dosimeters if provided. Wear either a single or double pair of gloves, depending on the radionuclide you are working with. Make sure to select gloves that are suitable for the chemical and other hazards in the experiment. 
  • Change the glove regularly, and you must always assume that the gloves are contaminated until proven otherwise – making sure not to spread the contaminants. Do not leave the lab or touch things outside of the workspace. Have the gloves removed carefully from the inside out, ensure the gloves are properly disposed of and immediately wash your hands
  • Apply remote handling devices (forceps or tongs) to handle stock vials, sources, and potentially contaminated items. 
  • No food, drinks, or smoke while operating, and leave no skin parts exposed to the workspace while working in a room where radioisotopes are handled. Be Careful not to rub your eyes or scratch the exposed areas of skin, and touch your hair. 
  • NEVER pipette by mouth, instead, use automatic or remote pipetting devices. 
  • Allow sufficient time for frozen stock solutions to thaw before trying to withdraw an aliquot. However, if you are working with 35S-methionine, cysteine, and Translabel® refer to the related worksheet for 35S volatility. 
  • Carefully handle and dispose of spin (centrifuge) columns. Place used columns in a sealed container, which could be a capped tube or ziplock bag when discarding into the radioactive waste. 
  • Ensure the application of shielding for the radionuclide, and an efficient shield should protect all directions. Place the radioactive material close to the shield to maximise the blocking effect provided by the shielding. 
  • Never shield high-energy beta radiation (e.g. 32P) in high atomic number materials such as lead, as secondary radiation (Bremsstrahlung) may be produced and is more penetrating than the beta radiation that produced it. Therefore, use lightweight materials such as plastics (e.g. Lucite, Plexiglas) to shield beta emitters.

Taking Care Of Your Pretty Nails

redispersible polymer powder Malaysia

Even with a certain redispersible polymer powder Malaysia, if your nail are neglected, they will remain unsightly and unhealthy, and no beauty product will save them. No, if you really want to beautify your nails, they themselves must be healthy. That is it.

Unhealthy nails are visible through certain signs such as white spots from biting or painting them too often, peeled or split nails from dryness or vitamin deficiency, or horizontal grooves from stress, high fevers or jamming your finger.

Here are some tidbits you can take home with you when it comes to taking care of your nails. Even without cosmetics, they are still as pretty as they naturally are. It all falls onto your responsibility to keep them healthy.

Clean hands

After thoroughly washing your hands from finger to wrist, your nails would be the last part of your hands to clean. Your nails must be thoroughly grime free, especially if you are wearing cosmetics like polish. All traces of polish must be removed with an acetone-free remover, which won’t dry out your nails.

When applying soap, do so with a toothbrush and scrub your nails and surrounding skin gently to remove any dirt and exfoliate dry skin without the reliance of harsh, drying chemicals.

Regular clipping

redispersible polymer powder Malaysia is nailed

Your nails must be clipped often, as short nails spare you from snagging or breaking them. Plus you wouldn’t want to accidentally scratch someone’s cheek with your discount, still-not-quite-as-sharp claws now, would you? Trim your nails every two weeks, adjusting your frequency based on your nails’ responses.

You might feel down if you still prefer to have long nails for the sake of elegancy, yet you still have to keep them short, at least until you allow them to grow stronger. A shorter style with rounded edges is easily manageable, and so long as they are all uniform in shape and length, you won’t perceive longer nails as better anymore.

Don’t disturb your cuticles

The cuticles around the edges of your nails serve as a seal to protect them from harmful infections, so it is important that you do not remove or cut them at all, otherwise you are asking for trouble upon breaking that seal. In short, you are leaving the door open for bacteria and other germs to break in and infect your nails.

If you want to suppress your cuticles, do that once per week after a shower using a wooden orange stick. Then massage your cuticles and nails with a cuticle oil or treatment. The strengtheners will be absorbed quickly and contain moisturizers to hydrate dry skin.

Don’t use gels or acrylic treatments often

Acrylic or gel manicures are usually a no-no as they are very hard on the nails. If you still insist on wearing either, then minimize the damage by protecting them from UV nails. Gel manicures can damage your skin below and around the nails as they are exposed to UV sunlight rays, thus increasing the risk of cancer.

Either wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50 before applying gel or acrylic manicures or wear special gloves that only exposes your nails and cover the rest of your hands to shield them from UV rays.

What is Custom Clearance Agent in Malaysia?

Who is a customs agent?

A customs broker or Custom Clearance Agent in Malaysia is an intermediary for importers to assist them in their customs business. A Custom Clearance Agent in Malaysia is a person who coordinates customs entry, customs payment, import and export clearance.

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Customs Clearance Process and Customs Clearance Services

  • Document Review
    A customs officer will verify that the documentation for shipments is adequate. Commercial invoices are required for international shipments. The document will include contact information of the sender and recipient once the documentation has been reviewed. The shipment also contains the date from Export and air waybill number.
  • Check by the customs officer
    Depending on the goods, their value and the regulations of the importing country, a customs officer checks whether duties are levied on a shipment, whether taxes and duties have been paid, or whether the value of the goods exceeds a tax bracket.
  • Payment of taxes and duties
    If there is unpaid tax or duty, customs will require payment. DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) and DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) are the two payment methods. So if a shipment is marked as DDP, the duties and taxes have already been paid. These services may be available with the purchase of a tag for a fixed fee. Since brokers are independent and charge different fees, this process can be expensive. Brokerage, storage, late payment and other fees may apply and affect the total cost of the shipment.
  • Shipping Release
    Shipments are released once taxes and duties have been paid. If all paperwork, duties and surcharges are managed correctly, the products can be shipped to their final destination.

What is required for customs clearance?

In order to clear customs, importers and exporters must first provide customs officials with a detailed description of the goods they wish to import or export. This description must contain information such as the type of goods, the value of the goods, the country of origin and the destination of the goods.

What are the advantages of customs clearance?

Customs clearance can speed up the import or export of goods and provide customs officials with all the necessary information in advance. . In addition, customs clearance can help avoid delays or other problems when importing or exporting goods without customs clearance.

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What are the risks of missing customs clearance?

Failure to clear customs may result in delays in importing or exporting goods and additional fees or penalties. In some cases, customs officials can even confiscate the goods.

What are the consequences of missing customs clearance?

The consequences of not having customs clearance can vary depending on the country to which the goods are imported or exported. However, in general, failure to clear customs can result in delays, additional fees and even confiscation of goods.

Who is responsible for customs clearance?

The customs broker is the unit responsible for customs clearance in the international transport chain. The importer or exporter is represented by the customs agent who communicates with the customs administration.

Who is the customs agent?

This custom agent is a foreign trade specialist who is responsible for handling customs and procedures in the import and export of products and goods of all kinds under Customs Regulations and the government.

What does customs clearance mean?

It means customs clearance of cargo in the countries of origin and destination. Customs clearance is required before items can be imported or exported internationally.

How long does customs clearance take?

Customs clearance usually takes less than 24 hours. However, it may take several days if you do not have all your documents.

How much does customs clearance cost?

Depending on the products and the country, the customs clearance fee may vary.

Benefits Of Having A Strong Social Network

science foundation degrees in Malaysia

It’s no secret that making friends in a university that offers science foundation degrees in Malaysia can be a daunting task. For many students, it’s their first time away from home, and they’re not sure how to go about meeting new people. But don’t despair-it’s not impossible! You just need to be willing to put yourself out there and go beyond your comfort zone. Start by joining social clubs and groups related to your interests, and attend campus events whenever possible. And don’t forget to say hello to people in your classes-you never know who might become your new best friend.

How can you go about building relationships with others?

Building relationships with others starts with getting to know them and building trust. This can take the form of casual conversation, spending time together, or exchanging meaningful conversations. And it’s important to be genuine in your interactions-letting your new friends get to know who you really are and vice versa. Don’t forget to listen as well, because being able to empathize and understand someone else’s point of view can go a long way in building relationships.

What are some tips for making friends at university?

1. Find common interests- don’t be afraid to join student organizations related to your hobbies and interests.

2. Attend social gatherings-take advantage of the many events happening on campus, such as parties or movie nights.

3. Join a study group-not only will this help you get better grades, but it’s also a great way to meet people with similar academic goals.

4. Be open-minded-be and willing to try new things and learn from others around you.

5. Show up-attend lectures, events, or meetings even if you don’t know anyone there-you never know who might end up becoming a good friend.

The benefits of having a strong social network at university are far-reaching: from finding study partners to making lifelong friends, your social circle can be invaluable. Not only will it help you improve academically, but it can also provide emotional support and connection in times of stress or loneliness.

science foundation degrees in Malaysia

How do social networks help students academically and professionally?

Social networks are a great tool for students to connect with each other, as well as with their professors and mentors. By joining group chats or following certain individuals on social media, students can get access to resources that can help them with research, papers, and other school projects. They can also use these platforms to ask questions, build meaningful relationships, and even collaborate on projects.

On the professional side, social networks can help students make connections with employers, build a strong professional network, and gain industry insights that may be useful down the road. Social networking also allows students to easily access information about potential job openings and internships, as well as to promote their accomplishments or achievements online.


Having a strong social network is an invaluable asset for students both academically and professionally. It can help create meaningful connections, provide access to resources and industry insights, and even open the door to potential job opportunities. So make sure to take advantage of all the networking possibilities available-you never know what doors it might open!

Pros And Cons Be Web Designer-Find Web Design in KL Now

To find a web design in Kl now is much easier than before. Nowadays we only need to type them up on the internet, and they will pop up all things. It might be easy for us to find web design in Kl now. Some of us might think that being a web designer is a great thing. We thought that web design just needed to think about the design and then done. Actually there’s a ton of things that a web designer needs to do. Like people said, every job has its own pros and cons. Same as being a web designer. Here are some of the pros and cons of being a web designer.

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The Advantage of Be a Web Designer

It’s very easy to work alone.
There are only a handful of professions that offer serious home office opportunities for experts. Website design is one of them. Unless you’re a big fan of the 9-to-5 day job [or 8-to-5 if you’re forced to have lunch an hour late], working as a freelance internet designer may be in your best interest . . You still have specific obligations to your customers, but have much more freedom to work when you want to work.

You’re not always limited to a typical office.
Even if you choose a traditional web designer company, much of your work will be done on a computer system working in your favor. As long as there is a network connection, you can work. This suggests you could settle into your local coffee shop, the library, or perhaps telecommute if your manager allows it. You don’t necessarily have to stay on a cubicle ranch to make an income.

Some internet developers earn an affordable salary.
In the United States, the average annual salary for web designers was just over $63,000. This allows some families to keep mum and dad at home while the others work jobs if they want, as that’s above the national median income. For single employees just starting out in the workforce, this type of opportunity could help them assess their creditworthiness, live an easy life, and plan for the future without major financial concerns.

You are not limited to any specific industry.
Web developers today can handle the needs of any business in virtually any market. First choices are usually scientific, federal, tech solutions, or basic sales, but anything from construction to a personal blog site could end up being something you can service. This limits the repetitive boredom that can plague many other career options in today’s fast-paced world.

There is a great opportunity for employment.
Job growth of 20% is expected in this market by 2026. If you are currently unemployed or underemployed then this is the best time to consider moving to the area.

You can get answers right away.
Even if you don’t receive courtesy emails or messages about your website, you can tell if you’ve done a good job by looking at visitor interactions on your website. As you code, you’ll get instant feedback on how well your design can work. In this way, being a web designer can be very satisfying.

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The Disadvantage of Be Web Designer

You sit for long periods of time.
Internet developers are forced to sit in front of a computer system screen at work. This causes particular signs of fatigue, especially in the eyes, back and neck, which can certainly lead to long-term problems. Special protective measures such as tinted glasses, neck and back stretches and also an ergometer under the desk can keep this at bay to some extent, but not 100%. Even standing desks are an option that can reduce, but not eliminate, these wellness risks.

We could work late.
If you’re working online for a client, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to work more hours. of what you want. Networking tends to have less patience with the creative process than other career fields, so expect to put in a few extra hours, including nights and even weekend breaks, when you’re starting out. If you’re not disciplined at work, you can find work quickly in 7 days out of weeks.

You’re never really done with your education.
That because the web is constantly evolving and technologies are constantly increasing, pursuing a career like web design means you’re never really done with your education. You need to stay on top of customer experience trends, understand exactly what your value propositions should be with your styles, and understand how coding updates can impact access to your website.

Multitasking is something that happens all the time.
Unlike other jobs, most web designers don’t really deal with just one task at a time. You need to do a number of tasks at the same time, especially if you want to earn a decent salary while working for yourself. This means that you have to focus on each job and also separate them from each other, but you can change teams at any time.

It’s hard to understand if you really make a difference.
If you’re a social worker, then you understand that you take care of relatives. As a cleaner, you make a difference by creating a hygienic environment.Growing up online, however, is just one of those careers where you really aren’t sure if you’re creating positive change for a person. In a way, the work feels almost silly, or often unimportant.

You might have some really drab web content to work on.
Winning over gaming websites can be fun, but what about those times you have to talk about the alloying process for modern, lightweight aluminum? Modern website design doesn’t just make you deal with things you don’t like. It can get really boring, but the homework still needs to be done.

How to Increase Breast Milk-Breast Pump Malaysia

  Do you know that sometimes we as moms need to use this breast pump Malaysia. That is because we need to prepare some breast milk for our kids at home when we need to leave them for a while. Nonetheless, do you know that some breastfeeding moms don’t even produce enough breastmilk for their babies? Even Though they already use breast pump Malaysia to take the milk out. Let me give you some tips on how to increase your breast milk. 

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How to Increase Breast Milk

  1. Use The Supportive Care System
    A supplemental breastfeeding system can encourage your baby to suckle even when your milk is running out. If your child is frustrated by the slowing or stopping of milk flow, they may refuse to continue breastfeeding.
    Using supplemental breastfeeding systems and nutritional supplements with previously expressed breast milk may help your child suck longer. Increasing breast stimulation is a natural way to increase the amount of milk your body produces.
  2. Change A Healthy Lifestyle
    You may not know it, but some things you do every day can affect your milk production. Smoking, taking combination contraceptives, stress and fatigue can affect milk supply. You may be able to increase your milk intake naturally by making small changes to your routine.
    Use a breast pump or manual pumping to keep your breasts stimulated after you’ve finished feeding your baby. The extra stimulation tells your body it needs more milk.
  3. Breastfeed Longer
    Newborns should breastfeed for at least 10 minutes on each side. If she falls asleep, gently wake her up so she can continue feeding. The more time a baby spends at the breast, the more stimulation it receives.
  4. Do Not Skip Feedings Or Give Infant Formula
    Your body makes more milk when your baby sucks. When you skip feedings or formulate instead of breastfeeding, you’re not telling your body to produce more milk. Unless you’re pumping instead of that feeding, your supply will decrease. Expressing helps increase and maintain milk supply, but it is not the same as breastfeeding. Babies work much better than a breast pump. Especially in the beginning when you’re just starting to increase your milk supply.

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  5. Nurse From Both Breasts
    During the first few weeks, you can strengthen your milk supply by breastfeeding on both sides at each feed. The first breast usually receives more stimulation, so be sure to switch the starting breast each time you feed your baby.
    If you always start on the same side, that breast will produce more milk and may be larger than the other. After the first few weeks, as you get used to the amount of milk, you can continue breastfeeding on both sides or just one side at a time.
  6. Trying to Put The Baby to Sleep
    Some newborns are sleepy and sleep well in her first week of life. If you have a sleepy baby, you should not only wake him up every three hours to feed, but he should also stay awake and feed actively during feedings.
    To continue feeding a sleepy baby, rub his feet, change his diaper, burp, or swaddle him so he doesn’t feel warm and uncomfortable. Breastfeeding awake ensures that your baby is getting the right nutrients and gives your body the stimulation it needs for a healthy supply of milk.
  7. Eat Well
    It is recommended that you try to eat better while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and producing milk require a significant amount of energy. So, to build a healthy breast milk supply, fuel your body with a balanced diet and healthy snacks. Add oatmeal, dark green vegetables, and dairy products like almonds to your daily diet to get the extra calories you need.
  8. Drink Enough Fluids
    Breast milk is about 90% water, so don’t forget to drink enough every day. Just drink 6-8 glasses of water, or healthy liquids like milk, juice, or tea, and you’ll be well hydrated. If you are thirsty, drink more. Also, if you feel dizzy, have a headache, or have a dry mouth, you may not be drinking enough.

Mother Care Nursing Sets Malaysia

mother care nursing sets Malaysia

Being a mother is tough. You are constantly in fatigue and don’t have enough rest. This is why a great support system is important. The closest to you is your husband. He should help around when he could with the house chores or when the baby gets cranky at night. Another solution is to have mother care nursing sets Malaysia in your house. It definitely will help to ease your problem and you could give out the best for your child. 

mother care nursing sets Malaysia

What is A Mother Care Nursing Set

Mother care nursing set is most appropriate to be used when you are at the early stage of becoming a mother. After the birth of your child and you are in the breastfeeding stage is the most tiring period. A mother-care nursing set not just focuses on caring for your newborn but also gives great help to ease your stress and facilitate you along the way. 

Nipple Cream

When you breastfeed, the nipple area can be dry as the after-effects of your baby’s latch. When the area dries, it can cause irritation and feeling uncomfortable making it hard to keep breastfeeding. Some babies also refuse to latch on when the nipple area is dry. To prevent this, you can use nipple cream to ease the soreness. It is also used as a moisturiser to help your skin maintain healthily. When buying a nipple cream, make sure to check the ingredients first. It is highly recommended to buy creams that are organic so they would not be harmful to your baby. You might occasionally forget to wipe out the cream before feeding so to avoid any mishap, it is better to just buy the correct cream from the beginning. 

Nursing Pillow

mother care nursing sets Malaysia

Breastfeeding could take up until an hour depending on the speed flow of your breastmilk. The longer you breastfeed, the higher level of soreness you can feel on your elbow due to carrying your baby. With a nursing pillow, you can avoid soreness at all costs. A nursing pillow helps to support your baby and elevate them so it can reach your nipple without you bending. This can avoid you from severe back pain.  A nursing pillow comes in various sizes and designs that you can choose from. It is comfortable not just for you but also for the baby. The pillow also helps to reduce reflux in babies as it helps them be in the correct position while feeding. No more cranky baby at night and you are able to sleep more. 

Breastmilk Storage Bag

This item is extremely handy for working mothers. When you are out in the workplace, you could not be expected to carry around your baby when it is feeding time. And your baby will be put under someone else’s care. With a breastmilk storage bag, you could store your milk in the bag for future use. For example, you could pump your milk at night or during rest time and store it in a bag and then put it in the freezer. When it’s feeding time, your baby’s caretaker can heat it up and feed them. Easy peasy.