Stretch Marks: How to Avoid Them

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Stretch marks are indented stripes in your skin that are also known as striae distensae or striae gravidarum. They can appear red, purple, or silver in colour. The most common places for stretch marks to form are the stomach and chest, or also hips, bottom, thighs.

Stretch marks are frequent during pregnancy, but they can appear at any age. Some people are more vulnerable to them than others. You’re more likely to have stretch marks if your mother, father, grandparents, or another blood relative has them. Even if you’re at a higher risk of developing stretch marks, there are steps you can take to lower your risk and treat any stretch marks you currently have.

stretch mark lotion for pregnancy Malaysia

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight, whether you’re pregnant or not, is one of the most effective ways to avoid stretch marks. When your skin pulls apart quickly as a result of rapid weight gain, stretch marks might appear. Stretch marks may appear as a result of rapid weight loss. Stretch marks appear in certain people during periods of rapid growth, such as puberty. Others, such as bodybuilders, become aware of them after making significant gains through exercise or the use of drugs. Controlling the rate at which your body changes could be your best bet. To help you manage your weight, eat a nutritious diet and exercise often. If you see sudden weight gain or loss, it’s a good idea to see your doctor to figure out what’s going on.

2. Maintain hydration

Keeping your skin hydrated and silky can be as simple as drinking enough water. Stretch marks are less likely to appear on soft skin than on dry skin. The current Institute of Medicine daily water intake guidelines are 104 ounces for men and 72 ounces for women. Caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, may increase your chances of getting stretch marks. If you consume coffee, make sure you’re getting enough water, herbal tea, and other caffeine-free beverages to balance out your fluid intake.

3. Consume a diet high in nutrients

Stretch marks might also develop if particular regions of your body are undernourished. It may be beneficial to eat foods that promote skin health. Make sure to incorporate foods that are high in the following nutrients in your diet:

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin E
  • zinc
  • protein

Choosing unprocessed foods of varied hues is one approach to ensure you’re getting a diverse range of nutrients. A breakfast of eggs, whole wheat toast, and mixed berries, for example, provides a lot of colour to your plate while also providing a lot of nutrients.

4. As soon as you notice new stretch marks, treat them

If you can’t completely avoid stretch marks from appearing on your skin, you may attempt to reduce their appearance so that they are less obvious in the long term. If you have new stretch marks, make an appointment to talk to your doctor or a dermatologist about your choices. Your doctor can help you figure out what’s causing your stretch marks, and he or she may be able to recommend treatment choices that are most effective for new stretch marks. Another effective way would be purchasing stretch mark lotion for pregnancy Malaysia to lighten the scar. It eventually lightens or even disappears if the lotion is applied regularly.