Road Signage History

Traffic signages or road signages are an important need for everyone who is driving. We live in a modern world with advance technology in our daily lives that makes everything simple. Creation of roads are now easy with tools and machines equipped for the task and road signages now can even be digitalised. The creation… Continue reading Road Signage History

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User Guide

Conduct by Users of Kolony You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person’s rights. You will agree that you will not: Post, display or transmit Content that violates any law, or rights of any third party including – the act of infringement to the… Continue reading User Guide

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1.What is Kolony™? 2.When is the launch date for Kolony™? 3.Who are (Prepaid/Postpaid/Enterprise) allowed to join Kolony™? 4.How do I join Kolony™? 5.Do I need to use a specific type of mobile phone in order to use Kolony™? 6.Is there any subscription/registration fee to join Kolony™? 7.How many nicknames can I register in Kolony™? 8.What… Continue reading Kolony

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