Cleaning your tableware the right way

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Everyone would definitely want their kitchen utensils and cutleries to last for a very long time. Moms in general are overly attached to their utensils, tupperware especially and although they already have a lot of existing tupperware in their stash, they would get super annoyed if they happen to find out that you lose one or two from the collection. So people have a really large collection of tableware that they safeguard for years and use it specifically for any festivities or special occasions. Although it has been taken a good of, the table ware and cutleries tend to lose its shine and seem discoloured over the years. I have a few ways on how to clean and take care of your tableware so that it can last for a really long time. I’m sure all your mums out there would be delighted to check this one out. 

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Eliminating stain 

One of the most common problems that people face with handling kitchen utensils is definitely dealing with the stain that just doesn’t seem to go off no matter how many times you scrub it. As a matter of fact, the forced pressure that is used to scrub the plates and tupperwares especially causes  the surface area to get damaged over time. This might also create scratches. Hence several methods can be taken to eliminate the stain 

  1. Bicarbonate soda supremacy 

Bicarbonate of soda or also known as baking soda is a great tool used to eliminate stains. This is because of the powerful property that is in it. You can simply fill a huge pail or just fill your sink with water and submerge all cutleries and tableware inside it. Leave it for a few minutes and continue washing it like how you would usually do. This would get rid of all tough, oily stain

  1. The tissue method 

This method would be particularly useful for all your oily tupperwares. All you have to do is fill the tupperware with a little bit of dish soap and water. You should then add in a piece of tissue and close the lid. Shake the tupperware really well until it starts bubbling and discard away the dirty water. The tissue and soap water would work in removing the oil stain from food out of the tupperware making it squeaky clean 

Eliminating smell 

  1. Lemon/lime for the win 

Lemon and lime are substances known for eliminating any sort of bad smell that is entrapped in tableware and cutleries. This is also useful for those who buy microwavable plate Malaysia as it tends to stink after a few uses. You can simply use the juice from these citrus fruits to get rid of any strong smell that doesn’t go off 

  1. Salt power

Besides its wide use in cooking, salt is an amazing agent that helps with getting rid of smell. All you have to do is add salt together without a normal dishwasher while washing your plates and cutleries. It works even better when you mix both the citrus fruits and salt together in removing unwanted smell and make your items smell good.