Types of Signages

Types of Signages

We now live in a world where everything has been modernised and thought of, that sometimes we do not see what is actually around us. We actually live around signages, it is everywhere from roads, to streets, to every single building. Even our homes have signages on them. Signages are actually very important as it helps us with the basic task of differentiating places and to get around in unfamiliar areas. Since we are so dependent on signs, we should be aware of the signages around us. There are in existant, many types of signages that we use.

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First of all, what we see mostly on buildings are outdoor signages. Usually these signages are purposeful as it helps us to identify what store it is. These outdoor signages typically use the Box Up or 3D lettering techniques in making them more clear and readable. Outdoor Signages are usually made to lure in potential customers to a store. For example, a bistro or a cafe, may have a chalkboard sign indicating their specials for a day. That too is considered an outdoor sign.

Another type of signage is informational signage. These signages are also to be known as departmental or organisational signage. Mostly these signs can be seen when you enter a mall, and it indicates where the nearest prayer room or toilets are located. Another place where they have these informational signages are in departmental stores where different levels have different sets of items and things.

Traffic Signages are also considered a type of sign. These signages are usually the ones on the road when we are driving. And it is essential to learn, as before we can actually start driving, we have to know what indicates what through signage and its important because it can save our life on the road.